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Oakie Doakie, are you ready to role?

Good afternoon!

The shop is entering it's second full week and we are very happy with the responses we have had so far across our social media channels. We even have our first Dungeons and Dragons campaign starting up in a couple of weeks' time!

Dungeons and Dragons, for those not familiar, is a role-playing game (some will say THE role-playing game, and it is hard to argue otherwise) where you get together with your friends and create characters to go on adventures across fantastical and exotic locations, battle fearsome monster and brave dark dungeons!

And it has never been more popular! Or easier to get into! For those starting out for the first time, we have two amazing beginners sets that will set you on your path to epicness! These are the Starter Set and the Essential Kit and whilst both are largely the same, the Essential Kit does come with a few added extras, but both serve well to get you into this wonderful hobby.

And to help you along a bit further, we are offering you a saving on our range of Oakie Doakie Dice. Buy any starter set or Dungeons and Dragons role-playing book and save yourself £1 on a set of Oakie Doakie Dice.

But why do I need dice if I have the books?

Well, the RPG set of dice gives you all the dice you need to make the rolls on your characters actions as, whilst you act and speak as the character for the most part, there will be times when you will need to roll a particular dice to see how successful an action was, for example jumping, climbing, foraging, attacking and damaging.

So if you are interested in starting up Dungeons and Dragons with your friends or looking for someone to play it with, pop in-store or call us on 01843316281 and we will guide you on your journey into a wider world!

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