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Enjoy the Board Room all week with our Open Play Sessions and Weekly Clubs from just £3 per person. Here you can find a complete rundown of all our in-store activities. Booking for our weekly clubs and events is advised to avoid disappointment.

  • Friends and Family Passes

    • 2 Person Pass: £7 for 2 people and 2 hot or cold drinks

    • Family 5 Pass: £17 for 5 people and 5 hot or cold drinks

    • **TCG events are not valid with these passes**

  • Monthly Membership

    • £30 per month

    • Access to the Board Room for Open Play Sessions and Weekly Clubs

    • **TCG events and 'out of hours' events are not valid with this membership**

    • 5% off TCG, RPG and board games purchases

    • Renews 1st of each month

  • Open Play Sessions

    • Monday 10am-6pm

    • Wednesday 10am-6pm

    • Thursday 10am-6pm

    • Friday 10am-6pm

    • Saturday 10am-4pm

    • £3 per person

    • Book a session for our Open Play here


  • After School Club

    • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 4pm-6pm.

    • £1.50 ENTRY per child.

    • Enjoy an early evening of board games with friends in a safe and fun environment.

    • Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. Learn to play, create a character and adventure around the Forgotten Realms.


    • Every Monday 6pm-10pm.

    • £3 ENTRY per person.

    • The first of our weekly games nights, join us for a variety of games groups including:

      • Discover fantastical new worlds, wondrous creatures, hidden treasures and become heroes!

      • Four tables for RPGs. CURRENTLY ALL FULLY BOOKED .

  • Board Games Club

    • Every Wednesday 6pm-10pm.

    • £3 ENTRY per person.

    • Join our growing in-store community for a night of fun entertainment with a selection of 300 games (and counting) to choose from. Kick back, relax, meet new people and play loads of board games!

  • Thursday Knights Gaming

    • Every Thursday 6pm-10pm.

    • £3 ENTRY per person.

    • Including weekly Pathfinder and Dungeons & Dragons groups (fully booked), tables available for board games and a weekly Lorcana tournament! Sign up for our Lorcana tournaments here: Board at Home | Melee

    • For Lorcana, entry is £7.50 per person and there are 12 spaces available.

  • Flesh & Blood TCG - Armory Event

    • Every Friday 7pm-10pm.

    • £7.50 ENTRY per person.

    • Prizes to be won including promo cards.

    • 16 spaces available.

  • Star Wars Unlimited Weekly Play

    • Every Saturday 12pm-4pm.

    • £7.50 ENTRY per person.

    • Prizes to be won including booster packs and promo cards.

    • Bring along your own decks and collections, play games all afternoon and trade.

    • 8 spaces currently available.

  • Disney Lorcana TCG- Illumineers' League

    • Every Sunday 12pm-4pm.

    • £6 ENTRY per person.

    • Prizes to be won including end-of-league and end-of-season promotional cards and badges.

    • Bring along your own decks and collections, play games all afternoon and trade.

    • 24 spaces available.


If a group is booked in and cancels anytime up to the beginning of the day prior to the booking, we will charge the full £3 per person. If that cancellation is two days before the date of booking, we will charge £1.50 per person.

For private functions, if the booking is cancelled in the week leading up to the booking itself (Friday, Saturday or Sunday evening), then the deposit is forfeited.

Whilst we do not want to have to implement this, the high number of cancellations recently have highlighted how important these bookings are to the continuance of the Board Room. We have to tell other interested parties they cannot book the tables on given dates and then it becomes nigh on impossible to fill that booking so close to the date itself.

PLEASE NOTE: This cancellation policy does not affect individuals in a group, so if someone in a booking can't make it but the rest of the group still can then that is fine. Also if a group wants to move their booking to another available date, there will be no cancellation fees applied provided we can accommodate on a new date in the same week. For those who cancel a booking and have our Monthly Membership, the cancellation fee will be £1.50.

To check out the specific dates for all our events please message us, call 01843 316281 or head over to our Facebook page.

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Explore & play over 300 board and card games in the Board Room! Play an old favourite, discover a new favourite and enjoy a morning, afternoon or evening with good company

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Dungeons & Dragons played here!

Weekly RPG Club, Community Campaign and monthly RPG events!

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