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Upgrading our online presence

So I have had the website running for just over 1 year and the online shop running since June this year.

I have not tech savvy so everything is very much a new lesson for me each time I encounter something new. Like this.

I have been spending this week discovering more and more about my website and the services I can provide (as well as all things in my business that I can control from my phone which is just about everything!).

Which leads me to this. The 'Spaces' app by Wix. And even though it isn't MY app, it certainly is cool to have an app (of a fashion) that makes it easier for my customers to shop online, read the website blogs (we have another Dungeons & Dragons campaign blog coming soon) and act as a hub from which customers can find their way to the shop's social media.

And it is fun discovering all this and embracing it. I daresay that, as time goes on, I will find even more ways to connect with my customers and how to better use the Spaces app to improve your experience with the shop and everything it offers, from products to reviews, unboxings and in-store events.

All of this to say ..WELCOME TO BOARD AT HOME ON THE SPACES APP! And to celebrate, I have this awesome offer for you all....

Save 10% this October on all orders over £50 (not including shipping) with discount code AUTUMN10

Go on treat yourself 😉 (and it makes for a good time to start that Christmas shopping too, for a little bit less 😉🎄🎁)

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