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Team Team

Team Team

  • Accessible and exciting

  • Stimulates listening, observation and creating

  • Simultaneous play


As you might guess from the name, in Team Team you play in teams, with each team consisting of a speaker and a builder.


Each builder has a set of five tiles, with the tiles featuring five shapes, five colors, and five animals; each team's tiles have a different arrangement of these features. Each builder lays their tiles in a row in front of themselves, and they want to arrange these tiles in a pattern known only by the speaker, with the pattern being the same for all teams.


At the start of a round, one of the speakers reveals a sound card, such as "Woof!" or "Bong!", then they place a pattern card on a display that is visible only to the speakers. The pattern might be 3-5 animals in a row, 3-5 shapes in a row, or 3-5 colors in a row. Play then begins.


Each builder starts by placing a finger on two different tiles, then their speaker will:


  • Make the sound once — Bong! — if the builder should finger different tiles.
  • Make the sound twice — Bong! Bong! — if the builder should switch the fingered tiles.
  • Make the sound thrice — Bong! Bong! Bong! — if all of the tiles are arranged properly. At this point, the builder slaps the multicolored tile in the center of the table. If this team's tile arrangement is correct — and with only 3-4 tiles depicted on a pattern card, the tiles must be in the proper order and adjacent to one another — then they claim the pattern card as a point. If they are incorrect, then each other team scores a point.


The first team to score 3 points wins.

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