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How would you feel if "You find out that you have the oppportunity not to age" ? Would you be excited? Scared? Mistrustful ? Most importantly, how would the others feel? Feelinks makes you share your emotions, flex your empathy and discover the people around you!

With this second edition of the game, Feelinks can now be played from 2 players, with a gameplay that has been simplified in order to better serve the core of the game.

Furthermore, Feelinks is now completely cooperative and gets new artworks featuring genderfree animals.

Last but not least, this second edition comes with a new deck of Situations cards, "In Society". This category covers 6 sub-themes (Health, Parenthood, Living Together, Digital World, Ecology and Education) to be played with your family, your friends but also as a tool if you're woriking with children or teenagers.

Feelinks is a game of emotions. When playing, you:

1) Pick a card and chose a situation to read.

2) Secretly choose the emotion that matches how you feel.

3) Starting with the active player, you guess which emotion has been chosen by another player, who will in turn do the same until all emotions have been revealed.

The empathy track will tell how well you know your friends and family. It's more than a game: Feelinks is a journey towards a better understanding of yourself and others through funny, serious or suprising situations.

"Feelings", the original title of the game, won the call for projects launched by the city of Poitiers in the fight against discrimination. The goal was the creation of a simple, easily playable game that relies on situations or questions around discrimination. Jean-Louis Roubira, one of the designers, previously developed the famous Dixit workshops of language with young people at risk.

In the game, our preconceptions are challenged. Feelinks contains 156 cards offering 468 situations from everyday life. For example: "You have telepathic powers" or "Your sister hacked a government computer". The players are invited to think about how they would feel in a given situation and to guess the feeling of another player in the same situation.

This empathy for each player is conducive to the debate and to challenges of our preconceptions. Feelinks encourages you to express what you feel and to put yourself in somebody else's shoes.

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