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Disney Lorcana - Ursula's Return Set championship 28th July 2024

Disney Lorcana - Ursula's Return Set championship 28th July 2024


There are 24 spaces in total for this event so if you are interested in joining please contact the store directly to ensure your space!


The event starts at 11am and will continue until the finals are done!


There will be max 5 rounds plus a cut to Top 8 for this tournament (as per requirements from Ravensburger):

Preliminary rounds: 55 minutes, 2-game roundTop Cut Quarter and Semi: 70 minutes, best-of-3Final round: Untimed, best-of-3



FIRST PLACE: Store Championship playmat, Sea Witch promo card, Ursula's Return booster box

SECOND PLACE: Sea Witch playmat & promo card, 12 boosters

THIRD and FOURTH PLACE: Sea Witch promo card, 6 boosters

PARTICIPATION: All other participants will receive at least two boosters based on final standings

BONUS: We will also be offering the Top 2 players a Lorcana logo badge and lore counter. Each player will also receive a random promo card as part of their participation

DECK LISTS WILL BE REQUIRED....follow this link to download....


SIDE EVENT: We will be running a booster draft once we commence with the Top Eight. There will be 8 spaces per pod and we will run up to two drafts. Entry £20pp


Entry to the Set Championship will be £20.

After purchasing this ticket, please register on Melee here....

**************************************************************************Refreshments are available too, from mineral & flavoured water at just 50p to cans & hot drinks only £1! Fancy a snack? We have sweets, crisps and popcorn from only £1 per bag!


Booking is ESSENTIAL.**************************************************************************

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