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Cartaventura: Vinland

Cartaventura: Vinland


A new collection of narrative games where you are the hero.


• Multiple endings -> you need to play the game multiple times to discover them all.

• Create and discover your map depending on your choices.

• Learn the rules as you play – no need to read a rulebook!


Each scenario transports you into different eras, to discover famous personalities. Experience a new kind of adventure, according to your own choices, your own desires, your own instincts. Cartaventura presents you with simple but original gameplay, allowing you to make a unique experience out of each and every scenario In the first volume we play a journalist following Alexandra David-Neel on her way to Tibet. In the second we play the son of Eric the Red. The 3rd one will follow the first black sheriff in the US. Developed in partnership with historians/specialist for each adventure. Includes a 6 pages historic minibooklet.


VINLAND Scandinavia, 998 AD. You are Leif Erikson, son of the famous Viking Erik the Red, and you are on your way to The Althing, the great assembly of the clans. You must prove the innocence of your father, banished from Iceland for a murder you know he did not commit. Once you have accomplished that, perhaps he will let you cross the ocean towards the lands in the west, whose distant coastlines he glimpsed long ago. May Thor's strength and Loki's cunning guide you in your journey, and may your saga echo with glory down the ages.

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