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New Year, Same Shop, More Improvements!

Welcome to Board at Home in 2022!

2021 was a resounding success for the shop, having received a lot of awesome positive feedback, working with other local businesses and initiatives (such as Fiver Fest and Xmas Late Night Shopping) and watching the in-store community grow.

As a result, I have been fortunate to be able to look back on everything and see what has worked and how I can build on that further, and with Christmas having been so busy and doing a lot of work in the background throughout January, the shop is in a strong space to continue to grow.

As many will have noticed, the shop hours have changed and we are extending the Coffee Morning from just Saturday to Wednesday-Saturday 10am-1pm to allow those who maybe have a morning free and looking for something to do or somewhere to chill out and relax a place to do just that (and with a large range of games and puzzles to entertain). My aim with the Coffee Mornings is to provide a communal hub for people to come together during the week, relax, meet friends and play games, and hopefully to meet likeminded people, and enjoy an inexpensive mug of tea or coffee too (at just 50p a mug from 10am-1pm!).

Another improvement to the shop is the introduction of the Board Game Challenge. Each month, I will highlight a game in the library for people to play. Once you have finished, the person with the highest score in that game records it on the chalkboard and at the end of the month there will be a few small prizes awarded, such as money off games, free Board Room entry and free drinks. This is included in the £2 fee for the Board Room and is completely optional to take part in, but I wanted to have something ongoing for the in-store community to enjoy throughout the month and also use the opportunity to showcase games and hopefully introduce people to new games.

Starting in February, the weekly Family Games Day gets a revamp with a new rotating schedule of board games events, each with cool prizes to be won. This is still £2 per person, so there is no extra cost for this and people can stay on after the event to play other games in the library. These special events will take place every other Sunday starting on the 13th and 27th February with Kingdomino and King of Tokyo.

Alternating with the revamped Family Games Day is the first in our monthly Painting Club. Join others in this engaging hobby, spend the afternoon painting miniatures, sharing advice with others and maybe even get in a few games ;) if you are new to miniature painting or never done it before and want to get involved, there will be one of our regulars on hand, one of our resident Dungeon Masters for D&D, who will be able to guide you as you paint your first model and there will be supplies available including paints and spare miniatures. We already have events up for January (23rd) and February (20th), with a view to move it to twice a month based on how well these two are received.

Other ongoing projects include setting up the online shop, working on a new After School Club, getting the shop set up for Flesh and Blood TCG events, expanding the range of RPGs and accompanying supplementary products and one last thing which is really cool and should be on its way soon (but I don't want to spoil that last one just yet). I will provide updates on these as they come via the weekly All Aboard videos and Facebook posts. A lot has been done so far in January and I am looking forward to seeing the results of everything so far and also to the continued improvements as we head into February :)

Finally, if you want to check out the events for the coming months and get your spaces booked, head over to our events page on Facebook for more details:

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