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King of Games!

In August we will be running the first of our board game event days!

These events are geared towards creating a fun and enjoyable day out for families and friends to get together and play some of their favourite games or discover a new favourite.

We have a load of cool prizes to give away as part of the events including trophies, t-shirts and some super cool stickers and alternate game pieces to add to your games! We will also be providing everyone who participates with a FREE hot or cold drink for the event too!

And the best part is that this is all included in our £2 fee for the Board Room! That's right, we won't be charging any extra for these events to be run which means you and your family can enjoy these events and then move onto playing other games during the visit with us. You can also benefit from the Membership Card here (only £20 for the month and includes 5% off board games in the shop) or our Family Day Pass (only £12 for the day and includes 5 drinks).

You can check out all the details of each event below as well as sign up via the events pages or by messaging us or calling us on 01843 316281!



Based on the popularity of these event days we will look to host more on a regular basis, so sign up today if you are interested!

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