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I need a hero!

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

A Coiledspring Hero!

When we first decided to open up a games shop, we thought about how we wanted to be different (my wife was instrumental in this as she was able to provide

another viewpoint on how some people perceive games shops initially). Having worked in the industry for 6+ years, I was able to build upon what I had learnt in that time, take a look at what I felt didn't work, bring in ideas I had always wanted to do and, most importantly, address how to make our shop as appealing and approachable as possible to a wider audience and introduce people to the deep, multifaceted and wondrous world of board and card games.

To that end, we knew that our products would need to appeal to as wide a range as possible within the purview of board games. So we have our heavyweight board games, perfect for those deep in the hobby, our traditional board games, we all grew up on Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit and Cluedo, party and social games, with a lighter emphasis on rules on and more on getting people up and active and laughing and we have a lovely range of jigsaws and 3D puzzles. But we wanted something in between and that is where COILEDSPRING HEROES comes in.

What we really love about this range is that it is not just a list put together for the sake of cheap branding or a quick cash in. These games have been lovingly curated by the wonderful folk at Coiled Spring Games and what a range they have here! And so it fit in perfectly with our vision for the shop as a venue for the whole family no matter what your experience is with board games.

I won't go through them all, but you can head over to our Coiledspring Heroes page to check out more (you can also visit us and try out the games in our library). For this article however, I will discuss a few of my personal favourites.

Sushi Go!

This is a quick, simple and fast paced 'pick and pass' card game in which the objective is to collect the best combinations of sushi dishes over a number of rounds. To this end, players pick one card from their hand of cards and pass the rest to the next player. When there are no cards left, the game is over and you total up your score to see who is declared the ultimate Sushi Master!

King of Tokyo

Mutant monsters and giant robots compete over the landscape of Tokyo to prove their might and superiority! At the root of this game, you will find that it plays very much like Yahtzee, so the game already provides a universal reference point for anyone looking to purchase the game. With that, the bulk of the rules you already know so all that is left is to learn what do to with the dice you roll, actions which include healing your monster, gather energy, attack the other monsters or activate special one-off powers! The easy rules and basis on Yahtzee allow you to dive right into this game and also mean that the whole family is able to join in, no matter their age!


Again another game that has a classic game at its core. In Kingdomino, players compete to expand their kingdom using a variety of tiles with different features on them (6 different features in total) and build up a 5x5 grid and thus score the most points and prove they are the greatest king to have ever lived! If you have ever played dominoes, then most of this game will be familiar to you. The major difference is that you don't have a hand of dominoes, instead you choose from a small selection each round, and the dominoes in this game only have to match on one edge, either vertically or horizontally. Again, this is another game that provides an easy entry point into the wider board gaming world and provides a lot of variety from game to game and ultimately is a great game for all ages (the box says ages 8+ but with the simplicity of the game I'd say you could stretch this to 6+ easily).

As I stated at the start of this blog, I would not have supported this branding if I did not genuinely believe in it or feel that it was in keeping with our ultimate vision of the shop, but it does this so completely that I cannot imagine the shop not stocking this range of fantastic games.

I hope you enjoyed reading about this amazing range of games and hope it has inspired you to come down to the shop to check them out. If you do have any questions about these games or just want to know more about the shop in general, head over to our contact page, message us on Facebook or call us on 01843316281.

Happy gaming, and may you become the ultimate sushi making, monster slaying king in all the land!

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