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So we are nearly there! One month on and we are ready to open our doors for the first time on the 29th May! This has been one of the most exciting months in recent times for both my wife and me. She has been incredibly supportive of my desire and aspiration to run my own shop (I think she wishes she could work here full time as well now!).

So for our opening weekend, we have a load of cool stuff going on including a raffle, FREE use of the board games library all weekend and a host of special offers on a range of games!

For the raffle, it is only £1 a strip and you could win a copy of Bunny Kingdom, Qwirkle or your choice of the famed Exit games!

Our special offers for the weekend include:

>King of Tokyo, Power Up and Power Up Halloween for £49.95!

>All 3 50 Clues chapters for £39.95!

>Any 3 Yu-Gi-Oh! boosters for £9! >Any 3 Magic: the Gathering boosters for £10!

And if you are here to make use of our board games library (affectionately named the Board Room) and use your own reusable mug, you will get 25% off tea and coffee!

We are looking forward to seeing you all this coming weekend, thank you all for your support so far on our various social media!

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