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Exit: the Game! Enter if you dare!

Exit is a wonderful series of boxed 'escape room' style games, a fully co-operative experience in which the players involved must work together to solve clues and riddles in order to escape....well escape the room.

Many of us by now are either aware of escape rooms and/or have participated in an escape room and right now they are hot stuff! Everyone loves an escape room, it is a great experience with friends and family and Exit allows you to take that experience into your home!

The components include a decoder disk, this is the most important part of the game as it will allow you to solve clues and riddles you will find throughout the game, random items inserted into the game that you open/find at certain times and, if you get stuck and just can't progress any further, help and answer cards to help you through a tough spot.

Exit games are playable with 1 to 4 players, meaning you can brave one of these solo, especially brave if you pick one of the tougher games, or work with a group of friends and family and put your minds together. Most will average a time of around 1-2 hours and have a variety of 'levels' which allows people new to the series to participate without being put off by a steep learning curve. That said, even with the novice games, don't expect an easy game, you will still be challenged so make sure you are happy with the level of the game as frustration is not conducive to a good experience and may impede your playing future games.

Ultimately, Exit provides an inexpensive alternative to escape rooms, allowing you to play when you want for a much cheaper price, but also allows those of us who cannot get enough of escape rooms to continue playing (and sharpening our deduction skills for the next escape room or Exit game).

If you are interested in trying out the Exit games, or have thought about playing an escape room for the first time, come in-store or call us on 018430316281 and we can guide you through your first experience.

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