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Dungeons and Dragons: NEW RECRUITS Part Two

Session 2: The Goblin Camp

Battle over, and the group decide to search for tracks to see where the raiding party came from. They find footprints leading north. Several goblin tracks and something humanoid but much bigger. They head along the track, trying to be as stealthy as possible. Unfortunately, dwarves are not known for their stealth ability. Halflings usually are, especially halfling rogues with high dexterity, although not today!

Suddenly, voices from ahead, arguing in an unfamiliar tongue. Mailee cast a spell to understand what was being said, only to be disappointed that it was bickering over who got to eat the chicken legs, but something was mentioned about a cave that sounded intriguing. Cerric and Kray, the two most nimble, decide to scout on ahead and see if they can find the owners of the voices. They see four more goblins, bigger than the ones before, sitting around a campfire and accompanied by a half-ogre. They decide to get in the first strike and take down one of the goblins, injuring another, before running back to their companions. The goblins take chase.

A short but worrying battle ensues, the goblins hard to hit but easy to kill, and the half-ogre easy to hit but tough as hell. Cerric decides to leave one alive for interrogation, so just shoots him in the knee so he can’t escape. Eventually the half-ogre goes down as well, but not before a stunning bit of violent parkour from Kray, jumping off goblin corpses and dwarven sergeants before stabbing the ogre in the eye, and then nimbly stepping off as the ogre crashes to the ground following a warhammer to the knee. More healing from Clara, this time for the near dead Kray. Every party needs a cleric!

The group interrogates the hurt goblin who answers their questions about the cave, but persuades them to let him go by showing them a poor drawing of his wife and kids, telling a story of how he was forced to come here by the ogre, but just wants to return to his family. They let him go.

After a rest and enjoying the goblins dinner, they go to investigate the cave. Unfortunately, they fail to spot the trap in the dark and Cerric is injured by falling wood and stone. The party lights torches and continues into the depths of the cave.

After a bit of investigating down many tunnels into many caverns, avoiding some strange chattering voices, they decide to split up. Kray and Mialee head deeper into the caves, getting attacked by blood-sucking stirges and finding a strange slimy monster. Eventually, after deciding to throw one of the stirges to the slime, they decide to head back to the main party...

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