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Dungeons and Dragons: NEW RECRUITS Part Three

Session 3: The Mysterious Caves

The group reunite in one of the larger caverns and make a plan for taking on the strange orange slime that Kray and Mialee found. After most of them (all except Clara) manage to sneak past the stirges without being noticed, they find themselves again in the slimy cavern. Mialee tries to scare it with the illusion of fire, and Rurik tries to goad it into getting angry with him, neither tactic working well. Kray bravely dives in and attacks it with a torch, which finally gets a reaction. Unfortunately it also gets him knocked unconscious.

A well struck blow cuts the jelly in two, but now the party has to deal with two of them! A barked order from Sgt Battlehammer and Cerric pulls two arrows from his quiver, looses both simultaneously, and both halves of the slime slowly slide down the wall to the floor in a jammy mess.

Exploring further, they come into a cavern with a couple of stalactites. Rurik cautiously decides to carefully go and investigate one. Cerric – being the exact opposite of cautious – decides to wander over and lick the other one. Ruric was right in being careful, as they are actually piercers who fall from the ceiling, and on top of Cerric. A short battle later and the piercers are defeated.

Shortly after, they find a cavern with strange blue glowing flecks in the rock, and another, larger stalactite hanging from the ceiling. The moisture on the rocks slowly dripping down the stalactite to form a small pool underneath of glowing blue liquid. Investigation shows that they have just enough to heal all the party, and for a healing potion each.

Kray is revived, and Cerric tries to impress him by telling the tale of the amazing double arrow shot but Kray is not convinced. After some discussion they decide to go back to investigate the voices. They dispatch some annoying stirges on the way, including an impressive shot by Kray that resulted in a stirge kebab. Cerric tries to impress Kray again with the double arrow shot, but only one hits. Kray is doubtful.

When they get back to the voices, they decide to try to intimidate them. Mialee conjures a puff of smoke and Rurik bursts through, terrifying the kobolds who run. The faster members of the party take chase, Cerric rushing on ahead. He manages to shoot one of the kobolds, but the rest then turn to fight, and he realises that his extra speed has left him alone and surrounded. Luckily Clara and Mialee aren’t too far behind and get there just in time to save him with a hammer swing and a flame spell.

The last two get there just in time to see the spell, and burning kobolds, so when Cerric tries to take the credit for the battle Kray is having none of it. It will now take a lot to convince him of Cerric’s bravery. The party decides that they have had enough of exploring caves for one day, and leaves for the fresh air and sunshine. Adventuring can wait again until tomorrow......

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