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Don't be bored at home any longer!

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

Two blogs in one day! Well I do have some catching up to do!

Part of our service at Board at Home is the Board Room. This is our dedicated gaming area complete with a stacked library of board games, snacks and hot and cold drinks!

The Board Room was designed to give you a relaxed and friendly environment where you can meet up with friends for a games session, bring your family for a cheap afternoon out and discover a whole new range of games! We have strived to create a space that evokes a calming and relaxed atmosphere, well ventilated, cool and comfortable (and as spacious as we can make it). And when you visit the Board Room, check out our secret garden too!

The Board Room is open all hours that the shop is open, so we are here for your gaming needs any day of the week! The Board Room is also open every Wednesday till 10pm, the perfect remedy for the mid-week lull, providing a respite for you just when you need it.

But we don't just offer a space to play games. The Board Room can be hired for private functions too. So long as it is available, you can hire the room for birthdays, celebrations, casual get-togethers, meetings or just to run a larger gaming session or ongoing campaign.

The price is variable depending on when you would like to hire the room and is available for an AM session, a PM session or for the full day! The AM and PM sessions will run for about 5 hours (11-4 for the AM and 5-10 for the PM, also allowing us an hour to get the room back in order) and the full day will run 11am-10pm!! The only times not available for hire currently are Saturday before 5pm and Wednesday evenings after 5pm due to our own games events, but again this can be discussed with you.

All availability will also be updated on our Board Room notice board so you can always check in with what is going on when you pop in for a game.

Finally, I want to finish with a few words about our refreshments. We offer a range of hot and cold drinks as well as crisps and bagged sweets and chocolates to keep you going during your games or as an accompaniment to your games night at home (think the old Blockbusters, rent a film, grab some snacks). These are reasonably priced too, mineral water is only 50p, whilst cans and flavoured water are only 75p and just £1 for hot drinks, crisps (Kent Crisps mind, we only want the best products for you) and bagged sweets and chocolates.

We'll leave it there for today, but if you do have any queries, contact us on here, call 01843316281 or message us on our Facebook page.

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