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Change is Afoot

So we have been open for one month now. Back where I feel I belong but on my terms and running a games shop the way I have always wanted. And it has been incredible! The support for the shop has been overwhelming. The recommendations I hear from people when they come in, telling me their friend or relative told them about the shop, is simply amazing!

Starting up a new business is always a gamble, especially in such a niche and, let's face it, non-essential industry as board games (though I imagine there could be an argument made for board games becoming ever more essential to some over the course of the last 15 months where many of us have been isolated from friends and family). But I have found that anything worth the effort will always take time. And dedication.

When I was setting up the shop, one of the things I had to think about was the opening times. I had no customer history or data to pull from so opted for the option of 12-7, pretty much 7 days a week (with some variations). Now the shop has been open for one month, I feel like I need to make some tweaks to the opening hours, at the very least to see how these changes work for me and the shop. These won't be permanent changes unless they prove to work but I want to give this a proper go and I figure that if I don't try it, I won't know.

As I say, these are mostly tweaks to the opening hours, there won't be sweeping changes.

So here is the proposed plan for the new shop times for July:

Monday 2pm-10pm

Tuesday 12pm-6pm

Wednesday 12pm-10pm

Thursday 12pm-6pm

Friday 12pm-6pm

Saturday 11am-6pm

Sunday 12pm-4pm

For clarity, I do want to go over my reasons for these changes.

Monday has so far proven to be the quietest day of the week so I wanted to move the hours here to see if accommodating for a later evening opening would be more conducive to the shop rather than closing the shop entirely for the day. It does mean we have an extra evening in the week for some late night gaming so we can monitor that as well.

The only other tweak will be closing at 6pm on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. When the shop first opened, it was till 7pm during the week but beyond 6pm there doesn't seem to be much footfall so we will see how it works with the 6pm close on those days.

I will monitor these new hours to see how it all fares and as time goes on I can tailor these further to your needs.

These changes will take effect from the 5th July 2021 and we will see how they go over the next month.

Once again, thank you to everyone for your support. I am so grateful to you all, I cannot express just how much, but each and everyone of you has contributed to making this man's dream a reality. So thank you and much love to you all.

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