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Ain't Easy Being Themey!

One of the things we wanted to do upon opening the shop was to have a 'showcase' of our games, a themed evening where people could come along and play one or two specific games each week. We also felt that co-operative games would be a good fit for these themed evenings, at least to begin with, as they open up a lot of communication between players and get people together helping each other towards common goals and ultimately provide everyone with a great shared experience and stories to tell. These games won't take up the entire evening either, so there is the option to stay on after the game to play other board games.

So, as of the 19th July, we will be testing the waters with our first two games...CAPTAIN SONAR and 50 CLUES. So here we will take a quick look at what these two games are about.

Captain Sonar is a team game with two teams of four people working to find their opponent's submarine. Each team has a Captain who ultimately leads and guides their team to victory. Other roles include First Mate, Radio Operator and Engineer who are each responsible for their own part of the operation whether that is spying on the opposition or readying torpedoes. Played in real time, Captain Sonar can become a frantic and action packed game, with so many actions happening at the same time meaning that communication amongst the team is paramount!

50 Clues is a series of mature escape room style games, stylised as escape room thrillers. With an adult theme, this one will only be allowed to be played by customers aged 16 and over. In 50 Clues, up to five players work together to escape their situation by combining objects, solving puzzles and deciphering codes. The players will also need use of a smart phone or tablet to access the 50 Clues website in order to keep track of their progress and to combine objects.

We will be running these games on the 19th and 26th July as a tester and then moving on from that, we will roll it out on a weekly basis with these games being rotated round with others such as Chronicles of Crime and 3 Things.

If you are interested in attending, we advise booking as there will be limited spaces available for each game. Head over to our Facebook page, call us on 01843 316281 or pop in-store to secure your booking.

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